To order Filtered Light and Forbidden Dance go to :

CD Baby http://www.cdbaby.com/Search/dmFuZXNzYSBjcmF2ZW4%3d/0

Hear Now https://vanessacraven.hearnow.com/

Trad and Now / Ducks Crossing http://www.tradandnow.com/ . Credit cards accepted.

Also available via iTunes:

Purchases can be made directly from Vanessa Craven.

The cost of the CD Filtered Light including postage is $25.00 AUD.
Cost of EP Forbidden Dance including postage is $18 AUD.

For orders and more information on availability please send an email to acousticsessions@mmnet.com.au.

Once you have made payment, a CD will be posted out to you.Please include your address in the e-mail.

Cheque or money orders accepted. Please post to :

Acoustic Sessions P.O. Box 140, Daylesford Vic 3460 Australia.