2011 Filtered Light



Debut Album :

“Filtered Light” which has 13 tracks with 8 originals and 5 covers and was released in October 2011.The Album is a musical journey starting in India and culminating here in Australia. It contains both instrumentals and vocals. Music for the soul and for the senses! Vanessa plays, dobro guitar, standard guitar and alternate tuning, metal bodied resophonic guitar, didgeridoo, harmonica, cajon drum,floor tambourine and vocals on all songs. Support Artists who sprinkled their magic on this CD are as follows : Pete Fidler on dobro and mandolin, Peter Vadeviloo on udu, Peter Anderson on accordion, George Condos on latin guitar, Aurora Jane on bass guitar, drum kit, electric guitar, xylophone, shakers,and keyboard, Paul Jonas on violin and vocals, Mal Webb on vocals and mouth percussion, Louise Godwin on cello, Dani Fry on chorus vocals. A huge thank you to these wonderful artists who have helped me create the sound that I was looking for on this CD! Thank you to Aurora Jane ( the Producer), for her mentoring, recording and mixing of the tunes on the CD and her excellent judgement and advice. Thanks Janey! Thanks to Julian Whittaker from Julian Whittaker Design for the photography, artwork and layout, Joseph Carra for an excellent job with the mastering – Crystal Mastering, Carlton Vic. Australia. Also thank you to my family and friends who have encouraged and assisted me through this entire project. Last but not least thanks to my Mum for being the Exec. Producer. Without her assistance this would not have been possible! Thank you Mum!