Author Bio

Author Bio

Vanessa I. R. Craven is a poet, author, artist and singer songwriter who lives in Daylesford, Australia, having made a ‘tree change’ from Melbourne where she worked as a Health Sciences Librarian. She has built an eco-friendly house and enjoys the joy of living in this beautiful area.

She hales from Mussoorie, a hill-station in Northern India in the Himalaya Mountains, where she was born and lived for 25 years.

Music, art – painting, photography and writing are her loves.

Her father was Welsh and her mother North Indian, and both were teachers. She owes much to them for fostering a love of literature, art, music, photography and writing.

As a writer a recent highlight is her first self-published book, “Birds in My Tree: The Magic of Birds and the Joy of Singing.” Never would she have imagined that she would publish a children’s book, but here it is. Covid lock-downs had a part to play in allowing her the time to appreciate nature, particularly the vibrant bird life around her. She just needed to stop and look around her, and as a result this book had to be written.

The book is aimed at 4-8 yr. old kids, families, primary school teachers, libraries and singing groups. The book is loaded with colourful photographs of local wild birds, a bright tuneful song, with music notation at the back of the book plus guitar chords and a bonus YouTube link to the song performed by the author and the wild birds. It is available for purchase directly from the author orXlibris,Barnes and Noble andAmazon.
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 As a poet,“Under the Mop Top Tree” is her 2nd self-published book. Some of the poetry has been turned into songs and some remain as poems.

The title of this book comes from the ‘Mop Top Tree’ in the front garden. Its shady boughs in summer and the bare branches in winter provide ideal conditions for the inspiration of poetry and song-writing.

The poems in this book are divided under the sections of ‘facts’,‘fantasy’ and ‘foibles’. Enjoy!
Available for purchase from the author (soft cover only), Xlibris e-books and soft cover,Barnes and Noble e-books and soft cover and Amazon e-books and soft cover.
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She has jointly published poetry and short stories with the Moorabool Writers Craft via three Anthologies, “Writings from the People’s Republic of Moorabool”, “Writings from Moorabool Writer’s Craft” and “Cry of the Curlew : Moorabool Writer’s Craft Anthology”, and a new one soon to be published in 2023 titled, “The Mists of Moorabool”
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