Artist Vanessa Craven

Artist Bio:
Vanessa lives in Daylesford, having made the ‘tree change’ from Melbourne. She hales from the foothills of the Himalayas in India, where she was born, studied and lived for 25 yrs. She studied art at School and never had the opportunity to indulge in it until now.

She paints from her observations of nature, life and living. She loves letting the paint and ideas run freely together to create ‘something’!

She is a Librarian and singer / songwriter by profession, and joined the MAGNet (Moorabool Artist Group Network) under the auspices of Wombat Art Group to further her interest in art.

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Please note the following are sold:
“Poppies”,  “High As A Kite”,  “Topsy-Turvy Weather”, “Languid Afternoon”,”Pinocchio’s Maiden Voyage”,”Orchids For You”, “Having Fun”,”Cruising in the Kruger”,”Time Out”,”Parallel Universe”,”Distraction”,”Shallow Waters”,”In the Pink of Health”,”I Can Smell Rain”

“Eccentric Concentrics”   
    “Green Belt”







30 cm diameter
“Ice-cream Parlour”
Rosetta’s Dance





Waiting In The Wings
Somewhere In The Sunset
Cherry Blossom Time
Old Timers
Wide Open Spaces
Wide Open Spaces
Wild and Free