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2019 Homebrew

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2016 Forbidden Dance

In 2016 her 2nd. E.P “Forbidden Dance” recorded with the band Lunar Dust became available in July 2016. Its first launch was  at the Newport Folk Festival. There after at Blue Bean Love Cafe, Hepburn, Daylesford Cidery, Farouks Olive, Ballarat Public Library and Trentham Library.






In 2011 she produced her debut album, “Filtered Light” which is available from the following :
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Trad and Now / Ducks Crossing . Credit cards accepted.

2011 Filtered Light

To order CD’s ” Filtered Light” by Vanessa Craven and
“Forbidden Dance” by Vanessa Craven and Lunar Dust go to :

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Trad and Now / Ducks Crossing . Credit cards accepted.

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Direct Purchases

Purchases can be made directly from Vanessa Craven.

The cost of the CD Filtered Light including postage is $25.00 AUD.
Cost of EP Forbidden Dance including postage is $18 AUD.

For orders and more information on availability please send an email to :

Once you have made payment, a CD will be posted out to you.Please include your address in the e-mail.

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Acoustic Sessions P.O. Box 140, Daylesford Vic 3460 Australia.