One hour slots of acoustic unplugged busking will be available from 10:00 AM to 4.00 PM.Five buskers will have the opportunity to perform on the streets of Daylesford.
You will be given a permit and tag that allows you to busk freely on the day.
If you are interested in participating please contact info@daylesfordfolkbluesfest.co

Buskers On The Day

Fat Chance
(Performing in the Rex Arcade, Vincent Street, 10.30 AM)


Fat-Chance has been around since 2009, starting off as a four piece band with delusions of Bluegrass greatness, becoming a three piece band in 2010 with slightly less pure Bluegrass ideals.
2011 saw the band evolve into the current line up of Don & Andrew.
Special Guests often join the boys and add to the general chaos.
Anything is fair game, Bluegrass, Rock & Roll, Pop, Blues, Country and even the odd original  could rear it’s ugly head.
We borrow tunes from everywhere, ACDC, Bing Crosby, Guns n Roses, Johnny Cash, The Monkees, Steve Earl, etc, have  all felt the full wrath of the FAT-CHANCE treatment.  Take a look at the FAT-CHANCE logo and you’ll see it says ‘ we play stuff ’
So when you go and see the boys play, you may not know what you’re going to hear.But you will probably end up singing along, maybe even getting the urge to dance, and definitely watching two (maybe more), blokes on stage having  a lot of fun, often at each others expense

The Ladies Lounge
(Busking outside the Town Hall, Vincent Street,10.30 AM)
The Ladies Lounge are a recent project of Maggie Littlejohn, Kerrie Patmore Lynn Dwyer and Marni Sheehan.  A love of old ‘timey’ and instrumental folk tunes has got them together to have fun and bring a feminine edge to this generally footstomping genre.  We have added waltzes and some ethereal celtic tunes to the mix of old ‘timey’ favourites.  Fiddles, mandolins, guitar and banjo with the odd bit’o’bodhran’.  Some tunes featuring vocal harmonies will soon be part of the repertoire.

Kevin Richards
(Busking – walkway to Coles, Vincent St, 10.30 AM)

Kevin Richards
Kevin Richards

Kevin puts his heart and soul into his music – both covers and originals, with guitar and banjo.